Pharmaceutical Furniture

We provide personalized pharmaceutical furniture. We work with the main materials, but also with the most innovative ones (all of them approved by the FDA and GMP). In addition, we include Lean Management solutions in our furniture, with materials that allow elements to be permanently located in their correct position.

Custom Machinery Construction Services.

As well as customizations or improvements of machinery, with systems or elements that, originally, do not work as desired by the Client.


In addition to the products that we offer directly with our principals, we also include, within our services, the supply for the pharmaceutical sector of all kinds of completely customized solutions, such as furniture and machinery specifically developed according to the Client's needs.

The requests of our Clients make this part of our Company fully alive and constantly growing, including all those services that we are Qualified to offer, always within our Quality and Service Standards.

Updating, Remodeling, Repair and Maintenance Services for Machinery

Whether the machinery is owned by the Client or if it is part of a new acquisition process (second-hand) that requires modification for its correct operation.

Artificial Vision Solutions

We offer a wide range of artificial vision solutions, fully customized and with proven experience in the market.